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Lifetime School of Motoring Wembley

Welcome to Lifetime, we offer driving lessons across Wembley and surrounding areas.

  • Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Fully Qualified Driving Instructor
  • Calm, patient and friendly teaching environment
  • All driving levels & ages welcome
  • Nervous pupils, beginners, foreign learners
  • Great offer for new pupils to the school

As well as giving lessons in Wembley, we also cover Sudbury Town, Sudbury Hill, Alperton, Perivale, Harrow, Greenford and Kenton.

Fully Qualified Driving Instructor

We can offer Manual or Automatic lessons and are happy to teach learners of all levels; from beginners to test standard pupils on to full licence holders or overseas drivers looking for refresher lessons.

We understand the importance that driving has on people's lives; we see our lessons as a journey with each pupil, and a partnership where we're setting goals in each driving lesson.

We recognise that it's important to work together with our pupils to gain skills and knowledge, and also to become a safe, confident, responsible driver in order to give them freedom of independence.

The in-car environment is patient, calm and friendly to promote learning, and put the learner at ease. Where learning new skills takes place and pupils become more proficient, it leads to a new confidence within themselves.

Driving lesson Deals in Wembley

In order to help learner confidence, we start lessons in quiet areas where pupils are able to concentrate on learning without distraction. As confidence increases, we gradually introduce scenarios that help the learner to pick up new skills and knowledge.

The manual and automatic driving school cars are a Ford Fiesta and Nissan Micra. Both excellent for new drivers to get used to because of their size and handling.

Gain a new confidence within yourself!

We are able to pick up and drop off pupils at different locations, as long as they're in or near the teaching areas.

We have some great block booking offers on 10 hour lessons which saves money on the hourly rate, and also means the pupil can book the lessons at a time suitable to them.

Thanks for looking at the Lifetime School of Motoring website - we look forward to helping you pass the driving test and continue on as a lifetime safe driver.

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To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: Najma, Wembley

Pupil Driving Test Pass

Working with my instructor has been amazing.

My first and last lesson was with him. I went from having no experience/knowledge about driving to knowing everything from the back of my hands.

His politness, well mannered and top class teaching skills has enabled me to pass both my practical and theory tests first time round.

I would definitely recommend him as he is a great teacher.

To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: Angelita, Shepherds Bush

Pupil Driving Test Pass

Mukesh helped me a lot in my driving lesson. I have learned so much from him.

He was very patient and helpful to me. He helped me by correcting my bad habits from my previous driving in the Philippines.

It was a bit pressured for me because my theory exam will be expired soon, so Mukesh is such a great help and very professional.

So lucky to have chosen Mukesh as my driving instructor. Thank you!

To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: AG, Harrow

My confidence in driving has improved a lot over the past few months. In my driving lessons we focused a lot on the relevant skills and targetted all my weaknesses.

When I look back at how I was at the start, I am pleased by the huge improvement I can see in my driving.

It has been helpful to have Mukesh teaching me, and the feedback sessions at the end are always useful to recap mistakes from the lessons.

To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: Edwin, Harrow

Pupil Driving Test Pass

It was nice experience having lessons with Mr Mukesh.

It didn't take long time to get my pass certificate and the lessons was really helpful and I could learn a lot about UK driving. I was even driving in gulf and India but it's completely different here in UK.

First I found bit difficult to grasp as it's new for me but Mukesh was really obliging to get things done so quickly.

I am really glad and thankful for the supporting to get my license earlier than I expected.

I would recommend him.

To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: Seriena, Wembley

Pupil Driving Test Pass

I had two different instructors before and was finding roundabouts difficult as there are so many things to think about.

My driving instructor was pleasant and i was always looking forward to my lessons

I am so happy i passed my test because my theory test certificate was about to expire the following day.

To: Lifetime School of Motoring

From: Ruchir, Wembley

Pupil Driving Test Pass

I chose to learn with lifetime school of motoring searching on the internet; it was the nearest one to my home

Learning to drive was challenging in the beginnning but with practice and the help of my instructor i gained confidence on the road.

My instructor mukesh prepared me well for the test. He was always kept calm and was very informative

Fully Qualified Driving Instructor with Lifetime School of Motoring Wembley

Fully Qualified






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